The Islamic Climate Change Declaration Toolkit

The Islamic Climate Change Declaration Toolkit will equip individuals and groups with ideas on how to use the Islamic Climate Change Declaration to mobilise for change and will provide a platform for them to deliver climate justice in their local communities, helping them to live up to Allah’s responsibility bestowed upon humankind as: “stewards placed on this earth”. 

Author: Lotifa Begum
Country: International
Category: Climate Change

Included in the toolkit is a number of actions that can be carried out in support of the Islamic Climate Change Declaration. By supporting and sharing the declaration, Muslims can add their voice to the growing call – a call for a world free from the ravages of climate change, polluting fossil fuels, reliance on foreign energy markets, and a call for a world with universal energy access built on a foundation of 100 per cent clean, safe renewable energy. The action is designed to generate more support for climate justice ahead of COP21, the UN Climate Change Conference, being held in Paris from November 30 to December 11. During this meeting, government leaders will have a chance to deliver a strong global climate deal in support of a greener world.

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