Interfaith Declaration to Improve Family Health and Well-Being

Islamic Relief has signed and committed to the Interfaith Declaration to Improve Family Health and Well-Being. Signed, supported and endorsed by a number of other organisations and institutions,

Author: Atallah Fitzgibbon
Country: International
Category: Faith Perspective

We, leaders of religious institutions and faith based organizations (FBO), believe that health is a universal value held by all faiths and a universal right for human beings.

Our faith traditions, spiritual values and commitment to social justice lead us to believe passionately that families should not suffer needlessly because they lack access to health services.

We acknowledge the evidence that the health benefits of access to education and services, and thereby averting unintended pregnancies, can be substantial. Each year, lack of family planning services and education in developing countries results in an estimated 600,000 newborn deaths; 150,000 maternal deaths from abortion and other pregnancy-related causes; and at least 340,000 children lose their mother.

We recognize the importance of access to information about and services to enable families to plan the timing and spacing of their pregnancies consistent with their faith for family well-being, for achievement of country health targets and to support achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015.

We respect the choice of families based on their own faith and needs and know that stronger, healthier and thriving families and communities result when couples jointly plan their families.

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