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Faith Perspective

Islamic Relief’s vision and mission are inspired by our Islamic faith, and seek to exemplify Islamic values.

We are guided by the values contained within the Qur’an and taught through the example of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), most specifically: ikhlas (sincerity), ihsan (excellence), rahma (compassion), adl (social justice) and amana (custodianship).

We believe that faith can play a powerful role in promoting sustainable development and social justice. Moreover, we believe that our heritage provides guidance and wisdom on many of the areas that Islamic Relief works on – such as human rights, child protection, poverty reduction, gender justice, environmental protection and conflict transformation.

The Policy & Research team have produced a number of papers outlining the way in which Islamic principles interact with the current practices and constraints in these fields.

For more information on the role faith perspectives play in particular policies, visit the Our Work or Publications pages.


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